Where do you start with contemporary art? Try ArtC.

If you’ve always nurtured the idea of starting your own art collection, or are searching for an artwork that not only speaks to you but also makes a statement about your tastes, personality and individuality to your guests, it can be difficult to know where and how to begin. So here’s a suggestion; take a look at the work of acclaimed abstract artist and musician ArtC for an excellent introduction to the dazzling world of collectible, contemporary abstract work.

Although UK-born, Christina Butt – working under the name ArtC – has travelled the world, gathering inspiration for her eclectic collections of paintings from sources as diverse as the neon vibrancy of the New York skyline, the exotically-coloured wildlife of the Galapagos Islands and the warmth of an Australian summer. Taking acrylic paint as her medium and using a palette as diverse as her experiences, ArtC skilfully captures the defining elements of her travel adventures on canvas, imbuing her painting with life, colour and expression. You need only look at ArtC’s first two major collections, The Sydney Collection and the New York Collection, to admire the contrasts between the pastel-hued laid-back ambience of Sydney and the visually arresting twenty-four hour buzz and glow of the Big Apple that the artist has distilled into her creations. Striking pieces such as ‘Electric Sun’ from the New York Collection recall that city’s striking neon geometry and colour, whilst ‘Bloom’ from the Sydney Collection transports the viewer to a relaxing land of sunlight and soft natural beauty painted in the gentle hues of exotic plants and flowers.

Any of ArtC’s original paintings would make a stunning beginning to your personal art collection, but if you’ve fallen in love with her art (and who wouldn’t?) and want an original, signed canvas it’s probably best not to delay and grab one while you can. The good news is that even if you can’t secure an original, all of ArtC’s stunning canvases are available as premium-quality framed prints. Ready to hang and produced using state-of-the-art print technology to ensure a perfect, fade-resistant reproduction of the original painting, ArtC’s canvas art prints are available in small, large and – for those wishing to make a genuine impact! – giant sizes.

Whilst ArtC’s canvas prints would enable you to create an entire collection of her art, or make the perfect gift for the abstract art lover in your life, there’s another way to introduce these amazing paintings to your family and friends and thus demonstrate your fine taste in contemporary art. Each of ArtC’s paintings is available as a high-quality greetings card. Left blank inside for your personal message, ArtC’s art cards are perfect for any occasion and can be bought individually or as an assorted set.

If all of that doesn’t persuade you that ArtC provides a fabulous introduction to modern abstract art, here’s one last question. How would you like to own an entirely unique artwork based upon your own ideas and inspirations? ArtC will happily produce affordable, one-of-a-kind bespoke paintings of any size for you; all you have to do is ask.

Anything but Dull – the Colourful World of ArtC

Talented and original abstract artist and musician Christina Butt, better known to her growing army of fans as ArtC , doesn’t do dull. You’re never likely to find one of her vibrant and brightly-hued canvases in some forgotten corner of a dusty gallery. Inspired by her adventures around the globe, ArtC’s works demand your attention, enriching and enlivening any environment in which they are placed.

Of course, when you take the bright lights, shimmering steel and glass skyscrapers and buzzing twenty-four hour party ambience of New York as your inspiration, you art is never going to be dull. Just take a look at ArtC’s stunning New York Collection and prepare to be dazzled by the way in which she’s captured, interpreted and transformed that unmistakeable New York vibrancy into striking and desireable works of art. The same goes for ArtC’sSydney Collection. These pieces are a distillation of the artist’s accumulated experiences of time spent in the colourful, laid-back and light-filled environment of Australia’s central eastern coast.

For now, at least, ArtC is back at home in the UK and busy creating her new collection, but if you’re quick you still have the chance to buy an original canvas from these two sought-after collections. If you’d prefer to create your own ArtC collection, however, (and who wouldn’t?) all of ArtC’s paintings are available as high-quality made-to-order canvas prints. Cutting-edge print technology means that these highly coloured and fade resistant prints are as near in quality to the original abstract artworks as can be achieved, and to ensure that they perfectly complement your intended display space these framed canvas prints are available in three sizes: small, large and – for true impact – giant!

Demonstrating your taste in contemporary and fashionable abstract art by displaying one of ArtC’s canvasses or prints is bound to draw admiration –and perhaps a little jealousy – from your friends, family or colleagues. Stay in their good books by sending them an exquisite art greetings card from ArtC’s fabulous range. Featuring each of the designs from both of ArtC’s current collections and available individually or as an assorted set, ArtC’s premium quality greetings cards make excellent gifts in their own right.

If your aim is to create a large-scale artistic statement why not commission ArtC to create your very own unique artwork? It’s as easy as suggesting an idea or two about theme and palette, choosing the size of your canvas – and if desired, ArtC will happily transform an entire blank wall into a work of art – and awaiting to see what emerges from ArtC’s infinitely creative and talented imagination. One thing you can be absolutely sure of is that your bespoke artwork will be a vibrant, colourful and exciting talking point because, as we said from the start, ArtC doesn’t do dull.

ArtCool? ArtCreative? ArtCrazy? Just who is ArtC?

The answer to this enigmatic question is that ArtC is the alter ego of the talented artist and musician Christina Butt. Is she cool? Certainly. Is she creative? Unquestionably. And crazy? Well, there's no doubt that ArtC is crazy about producing some of the most vibrant, exciting and colourful contemporary abstract artworks on the scene today.

Time spent traversing the globe and experiencing the sights, sensations and spectacle of both the natural and man-made world from the Galapagos Islands to Manhattan and beyond has inspired ArtC's imagination and informed her palette. The resulting fruit of ArtC's adventurous spirit is two exquisite art collections: The New York Collection and the Sydney Collection.

Currently based in London, ArtC is working on her next collection of abstract artworks, but the good news for those who appreciate her creations is that ArtC's work can be obtained directly through artchristina.com. Not only is it possible to purchase ArtC's original acrylic on canvas artworks (and who can resist boasting that they own an original piece by a talented contemporary abstract artist?) but each design is also available as a canvas art print in small, large or giant size or as an art greetings card; perfect for any occasion.

Perfectly capturing the buzz of the Big Apple, ArtC's New York pieces are vibrant, almost animated, and richly coloured and textured. From the swirling intimacy of Passion to the neon geometrics of Electric Sun, ArtC has absorbed the elements that make up the essential New York experience and expertly reinterpreted them on canvas. The good news is that, courtesy of ArtC's fabulous online store, an artistic slice of the city that never sleeps can be yours for keeps.

Or perhaps you'd prefer the sublime beauty of ArtC's Sydney Collection? Suffused with sunshine and inspired by the pastel palette of an endless summer the chilled-out swirls of works such as Carnival and Sonic Rose are simultaneously captivating and relaxing, evoking that natural, laid-back Australian vibe. And no-one has a better appreciation of that feeling than ArtC herself, currently residing in London and flexing her creative muscles on a stunning new collection.

Happily, ArtC's remarkable abstract art is available for everyone. Serious collectors can buy ArtC's magnificent original canvases but ArtC's canvas prints -stunning high-quality reproductions of the originals and available in small, medium and large sizes - are no less desireable and bring a striking focal point to any interior space. If you'd prefer to show off your taste in fashionable contemporary abstract art to your friends and family or simply want a complete set of ArtC's incredible designs for yourself, art greetings cards featuring the works from both the Sydney Collection and the New York Collection are both irresistible and affordable. These art cards can be bought both individually or as an assorted set and make the perfect gift for any discerning art lover.

For a truly unique artwork, why not commission ArtC to produce an item of bespoke abstract art to your specification? ArtC will transform your ideas and preferred colour schemes into a beautiful work of subtlety of boldness depending on your taste. Bespoke art can be any size you like: ArtC will even paint directly onto a wall if you wish, creating a striking theme for any room.

ArtCards, ArtCommissions, ArtChic; ArtC is a talented exponent of all of these things and many more besides. But don't just take our word for it; head on over to artchristina.com and experience these outstanding works for yourself. It's all about art. See?

Inspired, admired, beautiful and bold: the divine abstract creations of ArtC

Christina Butt is the artistic force of nature behind artchristina.com. A well-travelled and talented artist and musician, Christina works under the name ArtC and is acclaimed for her striking and colourful abstract artworks. Drawing upon her diverse life experiences, ArtC infuses her work with her own interpretations of the natural beauty, diverse cultures and exotic hues she has encountered on her global adventures.

Two of ArtC's major current collections of abstract art draw upon motifs resulting from time spent respectively in the cities of New York and in Sydney. The pieces in ArtC's New York Collection capture the busy, stimulating and energising nature of the Big Apple, whilst the Sydney Collection is informed by Australia's laid-back, sunkissed outdoor-living ambience.

Currently based in London, ArtC is working on her next collection of abstract artworks, but the good news for those who appreciate her creations is that ArtC's work can be obtained directly through artchristina.com. Not only is it possible to purchase ArtC's original acrylic on canvas artworks (and who can resist boasting that they own an original piece by a talented contemporary abstract artist?) but each design is also available as a canvas art print in small, large or giant size or as an art greetings card; perfect for any occasion.

Each of ArtC's striking canvas prints is produced to order using the latest print technology to faithfully retain the colour and vibrancy of the original artwork and to ensure resistance against fading. Skilfully framed, a canvas print in the 'small' size is marginally smaller than the original painting; the 'large' sized canvas print occupies approximately the same dimensions as the original and the 'giant' is an enormous reproduction suited to creating an awe-inspiring impression when situated within a large empty wall area.

ArtC's beautiful art greetings cards are the perfect introduction to her spellbinding abstract art. Each features a different painting from the New York and Sydney collections and is left blank inside for your own sentiment. Whether purchased individually or as a set these art cards make a fabulous accompaniment to any gift, or can even be considered as a gift of art in themselves.

If you seek genuine exclusivity in your art purchases, why not commission ArtC to produce some unique bespoke art for you? Working in accordance with your instructions and desires, ArtC will produce a striking and admirable work of abstract art just for you; you can even specify the size of canvas or, if you wish to create a real impression, ArtC can paint directly onto a blank wall for you (this currently applies only to art connoisseurs in the vicinity of Sydney, Australia).

If you appreciate modern abstract art, or know someone who does artchristina.com is the place to obtain stunning original artworks, high-quality canvas prints or bespoke artwork that will complement and enliven any interior.