Electronic Lounge Music

As well as painting, writing music is another big passion of mine. Here you can listen to some of my tunes. You can buy individual tracks or the complete album, ‘Flying with Dragons’on iTunes, or look me up on Spotify.
Wow. What a moody little piece. I love this. Great electronic sounds, truly electronic sounds, and man, nearly a minute in when the beat drops, this song just becomes unbelievable. This a definite 5 our of 5, there's absolutely NO MISTAKING that.
Even the hardest thug would back down and rate this well played and well mixed track a 5.
Basically can't believe my ears, this is a perfect piece. Solid ending, solid everything. EVERYONE can enjoy this track.
Reviewed by: MintyG from Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, GarageBand

Beautiful ambient sounding pieces that have been well mixed. Great balance and excellent sound choices. Could also be used for a movie soundtrack.
Overall this is very entertaining and soothing music.
Reviewed by: Pixelfrog from San Francisco, California, for GarageBand

My gosh... I love it! All tracks are beautiful. What can I say - it's another great discover in garageband :)
Reviewed by: vesilene from Warsaw, Poland, for GarageBand

Well composed atmospheric. Exceptionally cinematic. The piano parts are wonderful, and the electro strings work very nicely to flatter them. The chord progressions
used are beautiful.
Reviewed by: thefutureofcolor from San Francisco, California, for GarageBand

Very original and captivating production here.
Reviewed b: I3ull from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, for GarageBand

Lovely pieces of music which are awesomely played and faultless in concept.The synth is stellar whilst the piano lines are sinister.
Reviewed by: calicosafaris from England, United Kingdom, for GarageBand

It has a very jazzy mysteriousness to it. That is a cool mood. Piano work is well done. Very Nice. Yeah. These tracks are really great.
Reviewed by: Maulris from Chicago, for GarageBand